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We are destiny-driven soulmates with a love story spanning four decades. Our workshops emphasize heartfelt listening and communication between other couples. Here you will find new articles and posts by the both of us regularly. Enjoy!

The Listening to the Soul and the Voice of Destiny

February 1, 2011

The silent voices or sounds of the soul and destiny not only require attentive and intuitive listening, but also conscious observation. Hidden by nature, in the imaginary realm, these mysterious voices reveal or manifest in signs and synchronicities. Emerging through signals and clues, the voices direct us to our date with destiny; the authentic place to fulfill our essence, the place one needs to reduce the levels of egotistical propelling noise, tension and self-imposed thoughts that impede us from connecting to our soul and to our suppressed authentic self.

We need to exercise the practice of meditation and other relaxing methods, as well as silent observation and intuitive listening, where we hear our heart beat, we breathe and don’t think. As we relax, the more we connect to our soul, our humanity, the universe and to our humble being. The more we surrender to this process and recognize our humanity, we become grateful to our true self. We calm down and connect both to self and to those with whom we interact. This listening practice complements one’s ability to become more intuitive in listening and become more observant in extracting meaning from the synchronicities and signs that lead to a certain development of significance in our lives. Attuning to these clues, though mysterious, opens us to opportunities and increases the probability that magical things are in the process of occurring in our life. We just need to intuitively listen, make a decision, and take the initiative to make a move.



The Challenge of Intimate Bonding

January 31, 2011

Research shows that more than 80% of life’s satisfactions that contributes to one’s happiness derive from a meaningful and intimately close relationship with loved ones. Still, a question remains. If one’s most important aspirations in life are to bond, love and be loved, why are so many of us not attempting to make our relationships all they can be? What is holding most of humanity from fulfilling what seems to be the single most important purpose of our being? Ironically, in reality many people in intimate relationships experience the opposite pulling forces of a wish and fear of a relationship. It causes them to delay experiencing true intimacy with their present mates, by either giving up or passively awaiting a miracle that would rejuvenate their stale or combative relationship. Too many people live a lonely and loveless existence. Many dream of finding their destined soul mate, but in reality their love is delayed or fails to show up.

We rationalize and tell ourselves that as soon as we finish the pressing tasks that consume us, we will devote more time to our intimate relationships whether with our mate, our parents, our  children or other significant others. We tell our mate that we will be more passionate and romantic when things slow down. We promise ourselves that at some point in the future, as soon as we find more time, we will listen from the heart, be more mindful and accepting, compassionate and intimate with our relationships. We convince ourselves that our true love will emerge if we wait for it long enough or if we don’t rock the shaky boat of our present relationship. We tell ourselves that soon we will find an opportunity to express love to our partner, our parents or our children but we never do it or it rarely happens.

We postpone intimate closeness, when deep within we know that there will never be a better time to take a leap and risk being vulnerable enough to make that long awaited positive change. We experience an uphill challenge just thinking of the shift we could make in our dysfunctional ways of relating, and become more truthful to ourselves and loving from a heartfelt place. We are reluctant to reach out to the most precious, most delicate and most painfully deprived area in our being that of intimate love. Though we wish and crave love, we paradoxically hesitate to take the step to embrace love because fear of rejection, humiliation and hurt continue to dominate our emotions even if we know that tomorrow may never come.

When we postpone intimate love, days slip into weeks, weeks slip into months and months slip into years. Before we know it, we realize that we spend many precious years of our life avoiding the chance to claim the dearest of our birth right gifts-love! The love bond we give birth to in our dreams transcends us to a higher ground as beings, connecting us to our highest potential. But we tend to fear love’s magnitude since in the process of intimate bonding, our mate becomes our mirror. The joy of our deepening intimate love relationship brings us face to face with our human shadows and imperfections. Thus, even though we wish to fulfill love’s magical promise and re-ignite our present intimate relationship, we remain stagnated, fearing love.

The practice of (ETH) “Ego to Heart”, a couple’s weekend workshop in which we conduct globally, is literally a simple heartfelt communication practice. It centers on helping couples and the individual partners in the relationship transform their bond through authentic listening, making a shift from ego centered “me”, to a heartfelt “we”. According to Zimmerman & McCandless, when partners risk going beyond self-involvement and are able to authentically see, hear and feel each other and the relationship with heightened intuitive awareness, they enter a state of “Third Presence” (the voice of the relationship). It is an entity, a pure witness that allows a more soulful, spontaneous communication between the two. It helps partners become increasingly aware of their infinite capacity to love beyond ordinary secular connectedness. Thus, intimate bonding increasingly deepens as it opens the couple to the mystery of wholeness and the divine. It is then, in a safer and increasingly supportive intimate bond, that partners can break away from past dysfunctional patterns and overcome their fears. It is through this experience that they have the opportunity to transform their shadows into lights that shade a healthier, more in the moment way of being.

Dr. Moti Peleg

For more information on Dr. Moti and Ronit Peleg, Ego to Heart workshops, their Oprah Show appearance and their upcoming book, “Destined Encounter,” go

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The Way of Council

January 17, 2011

Council is the practice of speaking and listening from the heart. Through compassionate, heartfelt expression and empathic, non-judgmental listening, Council inspires a non-hierarchical form of deep communication that reveals a group’s vision and purpose.

Council offers effective means of resolving conflicts and for discovering the deeper, often unexpressed needs of individuals and organizations. Council provides a comprehensive means for co-visioning and making decisions in a group context. Council is about our personal and collaborative story.

Today the practice of Council is the core of The Ojai Foundation’s programs in schools and in our peace and reconciliation work abroad. It is the major component of our youth and adult outreach to both public and private schools and businesses and is utilized by the Foundation staff and community regularly, both personally and professionally.


Speaking and Listening from the Heart: The Practice of Council

January 12, 2011

Pippa is a member of the ECN European Council Network from the UK. She is a healer, a poet, a vision quest guide and a council facilitator. Please read the article she wrote below on Council. She has a way to describe the practice that makes you feel as if you are sitting by her side in the circle. It is authentic, pure, simple and poetic. An absolute treasure. -Ronit

You think your mind is your thoughts and concepts, but really it is the trees and grasses. –Dozen

by Pippa Bondy

I had been told that Council was a practice of speaking and listening from the heart. I had absolutely no idea what this meant – all I was aware of was that I had a lot of life experience and few fixed ideas and opinions about things. (or so I thought).

My first experience of the Way of Council?

But/and this is different…..In fact I don’t have to know. If I can leave all this thinking outside the circle and just be here, I start to really hear what you are saying and I start to feel where you are coming from.

The first time I sat in Council I was frightened. I always felt the weight of inadequacy in “formal” situations – a fear that I wouldn’t know what to say or don’t have enough knowledge about things.

I hear your voice, your way of speaking, your way of expressing your self, your story. I’m told that I don’t have to respond directly, I don’t have to answer your questions, I don’t have to fix you or make everything alright. All I have to do is listen, listen without reacting from my thoughts, ideas and concepts. I’m asked to allow my heart to take in what you are saying. Nothing more is needed from me.

When you have finished speaking, you hand the talking stick to the person next to you in the circle. My heart jumps – what am I going to say? I have this idea and that thought. I don’t know what I can say. My heart jumps again. If I keep thinking about what to say, I can’t listen to you, I’m not here listening to you, I’m away with my thoughts and concepts, not taking you in and not listening to you.

Now the talking stick has arrived to me. I receive it and pause – I’ve been asked to speak from my heart. I notice the talking stick helps; it’s listened to many stories. In the moments of silence I feel the urge to tell of an experience I once had. I thought of this earlier and then it passed away, now it’s back again and feels appropriate to say in this circle, along with what has already been said by others.

As the talking stick completes the round of the circle it is placed back into the centre. Silence prevails. I am left with a sense that we all have a piece of the truth, we all have contributed to the question proposed at the beginning of our round of Council, and it is very different to what I might have thought. I even feel a sense of my connection to others in the circle with who I thought I had nothing in common with. I notice the birds flying in the sky, an aeroplane too, I hear children playing in a distant park. I realise that the environment and surroundings are all part of our Council. I’m touched; my heart feels more open; compassion has arisen within me.

What does the practice of Council offer today’s world?

Now, many Councils later, I’ve come to know what it means to sit in Council, to open my heart to my self and be intimate with my own thoughts and feelings. This is the first step for me, to speak from my heart; only then can I start to hear others from my heart. I’ve come to see that although I do have allsorts of judgements and opinions, there is a space behind all this, which includes what, what my emotions are saying and what my body feels, and what the land and environment is saying also. This is listening from a more whole, inclusive and embracing place.

Attentive listening is very powerful and healing. I’ve sat in many different types of Council – youth and elder, male and female. I’ve sat in Councils with different nationalities and in Council with Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists. At times differences have been huge and polarization, division and pain have been huge also. It’s taken tremendous courage for all peoples involved to stay present and listen in this heart felt embracing way.  But things did move. Something magical does take place that seams to be in-between the words and in the silence.

My original fears and inadequacies are still within me – they are part of my nature, but they don’t have the same weight. In fact, I’ve come to realize that they teach me to sit on the edge of my heart and be ready to jump. I’ve come home – home to a way of communicating and being that feels safe and accepting. The circle creates a non-hierarchal setting and judgments are left outside.

Embracing Council as a form of communicating in our modern day, we are nurturing and nourishing the spirit of the old ways. It’s very simple. Council is always in the unknown, always unique and always a new beginning. It’s a practice of truth and a path towards peacemaking, which invites the phenomenal power of the vulnerable heart, in the name of love.

Council invites empathy, stillness and honesty.

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Self-Reflection Questions

January 11, 2011

  1. Do you feel that your heart is blocked?
  2. Do you feel stagnated in your relationship?
  3. Do you find yourself yearning for a better intimate relationship?
  4. Do you use your intuition; connecting to your inner voice?
  5. Do you feel removed from your soul?
  6. Do you feel misunderstood, not heard or not listened to?
  7. Do you feel unable to fulfill your life purpose; your destiny?
  8. Do you find yourself looking for love but unable to feel it or find it?
  9. Do you find it hard to listen from a heartfelt place?
  10. Do you feel that you live a life of not being truthful to yourself?

Do these questions resonate; sound familiar?

If you are ready to get out and do something- to make the change in your life, get out of the “walking-dead syndrome” and feel by comingalive to your full potential the Ego2Heart Adventure of rediscovering yourself. You will reconnect to your heart.

Ronit and I invite you to consider taking steps that would introduce you to a new opportunity in your intimate life with yourself as well as your your mate and your loved ones.

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New Year, New Opportunity, Fresh Start

January 4, 2011

“One of the major sources of our spiritual consciousness is found in our earliest life- the benevolent oneness of existence in our mother’s womb. Then as an infant, we experience the freshness of seeing, feeling and touching the world for the first time, the immediate physical presence of our senses and our own needs. Reawakening this intimacy,recapturing a spontaneous unbroken trust in what we know and feel, is essential to finding our spiritual ground in later practice.” -Jack Kornfield

In the practice of Ego 2 Heart we connect to our child within, reconnecting to innocence, wonder, magic, of life.

The innocence of a life lived fully has a quality of wisdom and acceptance of the ever changing wonder of life.

Ronit Rinat


Holiday Greeting

December 22, 2010

Dear Friends,

The Ego2Heart Council Network is growing and spreading. We are a part of an international web; the web of council, a web of the heart. We feel connected with our teachers from the USA and our friends from Europe, Israel, the Middle East and Africa…

Together we are creating an amazing web of light hearted community. The timing is now; the importance of the heart connection practice is vital in our fast-paced world that we are in. In the spirit of celebration, we invite you to keep the council light alive in your hearts, relationships, families and communities.

Together we can make a difference as individuals and as a community.

Love and sweet surrender- happy holidays!

Ronit & Moti Peleg