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Dr. Moti Peleg

As a psychologist and an intimacy communicator, I sometimes wonder what would have become of my life had I not opened myself to the magic of hidden possibilities and to the power of my dreams. From an early age, though I didn’t fully understand what I was sensing, I noticed the existence of an inner voice that kept echoing through me. In time, I recognized this voice to be a divine presence, a comforter that guided me wherever I was and through whatever difficult circumstances I faced. Years later, after meeting Ronit on the path to Ego to Heart, I was awakened to the signs and synchronicities that came into my life mysteriously, but not always with full clarity. As I began to trust these signs more, I embraced my calling as a healer whose purpose has become to lead individuals and couples to their highest possible visions. In retrospect, it dawned on me that I have been on a path that has led me to my destiny, a destiny that has fulfilled my purpose as an individual and also as a lover and soul mate. It is just as Oprah Winfrey described, after Ronit and I appeared as guests on her show. “He picked up the phone and made a date with Destiny.” I realize now that this “date with destiny”, which I pursued throughout my life, was drawing the desired vision that was always my life’s path. It was heartfelt vision and perseverance, despite all odds, that kept me on the journey that I followed with a commitment to become what I was truly meant to be.

I was born in Poland a year and half after the end of World War Two. At age 3, I emigrated with my Holocaust surviving parents and three siblings to Israel, settling in a culturally deprived farming settlement. I was a good student and I completed my elementary education and high school on the farm and at a kibbutz. In 1970, several years after my I.D.F. service, I came to America to accomplish my dream of enrolling in college and becoming a psychologist. After receiving my BA in psychology from Queens College, I married Toni, the mother of my two adult children, Edan and Sivan.

I loved my wife, and we had some good years together and with the children. Sadly, we did not have communication skills, and we struggled with fears and insecurities that eventually drew us apart and caused us to divorce. I completed my Doctorate at Yeshiva University and, after years of working in a hospital and in my private practice, I received my state board psychology license. I specialize in traumatic stress associated with pain, and in relationship issues. I have published in both fields. (See articles). Sporadically, during the 80s and the 90s, I was a psychology columnist for two major Israeli newspapers, Maariv and Israel Shelanu. I responded to questions from readers about intimacy and relationships.

Since my first meeting with Ronit in 2004, I have increasingly incorporated into my personal as well as my clinical practice a compassionate, open, and heartfelt approach. Our training under educator Dr. Jack Zimmerman, founder of the Flesh & Spirit practice of couples intimacy, led to our creating the Ego to Heart couples workshops.

To learn more about Dr. Peleg and the Psychological Group NYNJ, visit his website

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