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Prelude to Sweet Darkness

March 4, 2011

At times, our ego gets in our way, self doubt creeps in and shakes the ground under us. We act out scripts and replay scenarios in our minds. We start make assumptions and go into a negative mode that can ruin the relationship.

Communication is the key. First, we need to explore our hearts, check in and get in touch with how we feel. Do the self-doubts and fears serve us? Are they real or are they old patterns of behavior based on insecurities?

These feelings that come up can become great gifts. When we look at the gifts closely, sit with them, give them a voice, and share with our partner (The Ego 2 Heart way), our partner can listen and be with us totally.

I went into the old scripts, feeling insecure about the fact that I was not able to reach or talk with my partner.

The poem I previously published, Sweet Darkness, reminded me to go deep inside, check with heart and find the courage to face my shadows. I allowed both the love and the shadows to surface, to share with my partner, and invite him to dance the dance of shadow and light together.

This exploration allows us to continue on this awesome path of adventure where opportunities to grow await us along the way.

With gratitude.



I wonder what was in your heart when you heard me calling and yet not calling me back.

There is so much underneath that is not being revealed.

Anxiety, fear, etc.

I hope we will be able to open a door to these, so we can move on.

Proud, tall nothing to hide, working on shadows, growing, living in truth, living our passion, knowing our passion.

I forward you a poem Leon shared with us at the shadow workshop by David Whyte. [Sweet Darkness]

I feel it fits what you and I are going through.

I hope it will help the door to open for us so we can find our way into our dreams, whatever they are.

I just wanted to write and say how much I love you- this what came out.

It is all good.

Time we connect to the inner truth inside us, find the path we came here to walk on, and the deep desire to walk that path together.

An invitation to a journey, an unknown adventure where we always wanted to touch, where the secret of happiness, secret of life! awaits us.

Are we ready to make the leap of faith into darkness where the light is brighter than we ever known?

I love you, trust in our destiny, in our commitment for a better tomorrow for us as well as the world around us.

Miss our cuddling, our love making, giggles, laughter, all.

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