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Valentine Celebration

February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day can be an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment, rewrite our vows, celebrate each other and the relationship. Valentine’s Day helps us remember to never take our partner for granted. My daughter Sabrina, in her weekly “Sacred Ordinary Moments” letter, takes it closer to home- the love for ourselves! I am excited to share her insight with all of you, as she reminds us to celebrate the precious souls that we are.

-Ronit xo

~Self Love ~

Valentine’s Day is approaching. It is deemed the holiday of love; the day where we take the time to acknowledge the love in our life; to offer thoughts and sentiments of loving and gratitude to those who are special to us in our lives. Guess what ~ you are a special gift to yourself everyday!!!!!!

This Valentine’s Day, I offer an invitation to you. Celebrate YOURSELF!! Send yourself a Valentine’s day card/love letter; treat yourself to your favorite sweet; luxuriate in a bath filled with rose petals or fresh eucalyptus leaves; schedule a facial, a massage, a mani/pedi, a professional shave; go out and buy yourself a bouquet of flowers and place them in a beautiful vase on your table; sit in the sun and let it’s light and warmth kiss your face a thousand times; hug yourself and offer gratitude to yourself and the many ways you show up for yourself every day; look at yourself in the mirror and smile; make a joy list and complete one item on that list today; get a make-up pencil and draw little hearts all over your body or just in one special place that makes you giggle when you think of it being there J

It may be that you just commit to loving yourself no matter what happens all day long……because you can!!!

Love is an act but it is also a state of being. When you love yourself, you engage in both a giving and receiving practice ~ which enhances your state of loving. It’s a delicious circle. The truth is, the more you love yourself, the more love you have to give to others!!!

The more of us that engage in this practice on a daily basis, the more peaceful and radiant this life experience will become! So, why not start this year with something new and turn this Valentine’s Day into a “share my love for myself day.”

Remember, you are LOVE. LOVE is your essence. It is in every cell of your being and the more you cultivate it within yourself, the more you will experience it outside of yourself.

You are magnificent! Each and every one of you!!!! Celebrate your majesty!

Happy Happy “Share Your Love with Yourself Valentine’s Day!!!!!”

Watch this precious one ~ she’s got the idea down pat!!

Awareness ~ Choice ~ Freedom


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