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The Listening to the Soul and the Voice of Destiny

February 1, 2011

The silent voices or sounds of the soul and destiny not only require attentive and intuitive listening, but also conscious observation. Hidden by nature, in the imaginary realm, these mysterious voices reveal or manifest in signs and synchronicities. Emerging through signals and clues, the voices direct us to our date with destiny; the authentic place to fulfill our essence, the place one needs to reduce the levels of egotistical propelling noise, tension and self-imposed thoughts that impede us from connecting to our soul and to our suppressed authentic self.

We need to exercise the practice of meditation and other relaxing methods, as well as silent observation and intuitive listening, where we hear our heart beat, we breathe and don’t think. As we relax, the more we connect to our soul, our humanity, the universe and to our humble being. The more we surrender to this process and recognize our humanity, we become grateful to our true self. We calm down and connect both to self and to those with whom we interact. This listening practice complements one’s ability to become more intuitive in listening and become more observant in extracting meaning from the synchronicities and signs that lead to a certain development of significance in our lives. Attuning to these clues, though mysterious, opens us to opportunities and increases the probability that magical things are in the process of occurring in our life. We just need to intuitively listen, make a decision, and take the initiative to make a move.


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