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My Story….I’m in Love

December 13, 2010

I’m 40 years old, divorced and a mother of two children, a daughter 13 1/2 and son 10 1/2. And this is my story.

It all started on one beautiful Saturday, September 11, 2010 at a park near our home where my 10 year old son had a soccer game. After years of not seeing her, I bumped into Ronit!!! Ronit happened to come watch her grandson also play soccer while she visited her daughters for the holidays.

Ronit gave me a rundown of what she’s been up to lately and I told her that I am still single (divorced my husband 8 years ago) and although I did have a 6 year relationship since the divorce, I’ve been alone again now for over a year. I said to Ronit, “I’m content being alone and don’t want anyone in my life.”  I said “Yhere is no one out there for me, and I’m ok with it”.

Ronit, the caring soul that she is said to me: “Don’t say that! You need to open up your heart and invite your soul mate in. Do as I tell you. Go home and take a block of paper, and write on it everything I want my soul mate to be. Write the actual invitation to him to enter my life. Be as detailed as you can.”

I remember thinking to myself, “Oy, she’s gone nuts!” Ronit then went on telling me about her own personal experience and how it worked for her.

I went home and did nothing about it that evening. The next evening, after the kids went to bed,  I decided to give it a shot, and thought to myself, “Do I really want someone in my life? Oh well, I guess if the perfect man would be introduced to me, then of course I would want him to be a part of my life. So perhaps I should aim high! What have I got to lose?!”

There I was in bed, with a blank block of paper. I was to write it all down and put it away and forget about it.


The man of my dreams, my soul mate, is the man that will make me smile, that will be so in love with who I am. He is tall, dark and handsome. He has dark grey eyes, dark hair, dark complexion, a great sense of humor, a great smile, nice teeth, cares about his health, divorced, has two kids around the ages of my children, loves to enjoy life, loves to travel, has lots of patience for children, has a good relationship with his family, a mench, has a great taste in wardrobe, is loved by people around him, has a successful career, is financially stable, and will adore me and the kids.

I am now ready to let him into my life. I love myself and I deserve to find happiness.

The End.

As I wrote it, I got so emotional and tears were rolling down my cheeks. I really gave it my entire energy and felt I was being extremely true to myself. Well, I put the block away, and decided to hide it, so the kids wouldn’t find it one day and think their mom is on something!

I completely forgot about it and woke up the next day, content of being single and went on with my life.

A couple of months go by, and my friend tells me that her husband wants to introduce someone to me, but he doesn’t want to be held responsible if it doesn’t work out. She said she gave him my phone number. A few weeks go by, and I completely forgot my number was given to someone.

It was one Monday evening, and I had a terrible flu. My cell phone rings. I rarely answer a number I don’t recognize, but I did for some reason. It was a nice man’s voice. He introduced himself as my friends’ husband’s friend. The conversation lasted approximately 40 minutes, and then he had a soccer game to go to. He asked if I’d be interested in hearing from him in the next day or so and perhaps even meet for coffee.  I said yes.

Two days went by, he called, we spoke for a while, and decided not to meet until that weekend. Saturday came by very quickly and we decided to meet at the L’Ermitage hotel in B.H. at 9:00 pm.

All I can say is this:  I got what I truly asked for, someone I truly believe is the one I’ve invited into my life. If I was to let anyone read what I wrote down on that block of paper on 9/12 they’d think I wrote it after meeting him. He’s tall, dark & handsome, 45, has dark grey eyes, dark hair, two children 14 and 8, has a wonderful relationship with his family, has a successful career, is an amazing dresser,is financially stable, has lots of friends and everyone seems to love him.

Miracle? Magic? Which one should I say it is? Perhaps both? The key is to believe that you deserve what you genuinely invite for yourself. Don’t have pre-conceived notions about something you are not familiar with. Be open minded. Don’t shut down. Listen to your heart because  it knows what it wants, and if you really are true to yourself, you’ll most likely get it on a silver platter. One day when you least expect it.

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