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From Frantic to Fantastic!

December 3, 2010

I received this wonderful story of a situation in which we all can relate.

Sometimes, we lose our balance, we overdo, we’re too tired, or too busy to stop and smell the flowers. Take a deep breath and reconnect to your center, your heart.

I pay attention to my breath and that helps me. As I inhale, I do it in a slow motion counting from 4-6. It helps me relax, and reminds me to exhale slowly with the intention of releasing the tension that is stored inside me.

If possible, I breathe with my eyes closed, and if I have a chance to sit, I place both of my feet flat on the ground. I lean back on the chair to feel its support.

This helps me ground myself and reconnect to my body.

I do this 3-4 times. It sends healing, relaxation, and a smile to every cell of my being, exhaling the stress out in a count of 4-6.

If there is no time to sit, I will make the same intention standing.

I imagine my body growing thick roots that support and ground me, then I  inhale to a count of 4-6 sending relaxation, healing, and love to every cell. I  exhale slowly to a count of 4-6 what does not serve me- all the stress. Repeating this 3-4 times will surely make the difference and bring us back to ourselves. Then, we can  smile more, enjoy the process and the challenges life has to offer. And we know there are hidden gifts in every obstacle.


From Frantic to Fantastic! 

By Dr. Lin Morel, 2010 International Coach of The Year

Hungry, upset, tired?  Ever had a day when you just wished you could go back to bed and start all over?  I have…here are three simple actions to turn one of those crazy frantic days into a fantastic day. 

Take It Easy. Recently my purse disappeared on a business trip. I took a deep breath, reminded myself that things would work out for me. That didn’t mean they would work out the way I would prefer, just that I would get through the experience.  I was overtired and over committed, and losing the purse pushed me further out of balance. Tiny glitches began to multiply.

I kept reminding myself I was just having experiences, nothing more or less.  I could berate myself, or forgive myself for judging myself. Stuff happens. Why add insult to injury by yelling at ourselves inwardly when we’re having a ‘bad’ day? It’s clear that what we need is to be a friend to ourselves – not a critic.  There are plenty of critics out there delighted to tell us our shortcomings.

Win in Your Imagination. Panic and negative fantasy about what happened or will happen just puts fuel on the fire and can turn you frantic. The more frantic you get, the more off center. The more off center, the more frantic. It’s a vicious cycle.

Practice seeing and feeling the outcome you’d like.  Do this regardless of what the “facts” say.  You don’t need to know how the situation will turn out. As you practice looking for the positive in any event, rather than dramatizing the negative, you’ll find you shift your state of mind. It’s far easier to regain your composure when you are thinking kind thoughts and focusing on positive outcomes.

Give Yourself a Break. All of us have those kind of days.  It was glaringly obvious that I was out of balance: overtired, pushing too much, and preoccupied with multiple technology challenges. The result was an open door for catastrophe(s) to enter.  I was out of my own flow and natural body rhythm. The domino effect was in full force and my morning became a comedy of errors.

The key to getting to fantastic is to acknowledge that your body and your environment, situation and circumstances are always giving you feedback.  What a great opportunity to step back, gain perspective, and have a good laugh at your situation.  You’ll find some relief and regain your composure.  Negativity just lets us know that it’s time for a shift.  As for myself, I went to dinner, laughed, hung out with some great friends, and let myself off the hook. It was just another day.

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