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A New Day!

November 19, 2010

New day!

An early morning. This is the view of the Mediterranean from my home in Haifa Israel-I am on top of Carmel Mountain. It’s still incredibly hot considering that it is mid-November.

There are cruise ships at the port; a sign of peaceful days while the leaders of both the Israelis and Palestinians are in dialog for a peaceful solution. I’m holding my breath, feeling hopeful that maybe this time Netanyaho will be the Israeli leader who’ll make it happen!

I am working with other council Israel people on the upcoming visit of our teachers, Jack Zimmerman and Jaquelyn McCandless. They were here 2 years ago and developed a pilot for shared society dialog. Shared society dialog is adopted from the listening to the needs of a relationship. By listening to the voice of the relationship practice they developed many years ago for couples! Moti & I plus 36 others-leaders from communities of Arabs & Jews spent 3 days together-arriving as 2 camps and leaving with hearts open and hopeful.

This pilot we hope to continue on the upcoming visit.

I will keep you posted.


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