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Desire for Community

November 15, 2010

More from the ECN Gathering weekend…

The desire for community is deeply felt by all humans.

This weekend at ECN gathering in Weggies, Switzerland, we were working on building community. This great big red elastic band is holding the group together. Germans, Jews, Israelis, Palestinian, Holland, UK , Swiss, Austrians, the French, men and women come together. In order for us to stay balanced with each other, each one is responsible for keeping to their inner truth, stay innocent and balanced. They must bring up shadows and, most of all, be transparent.

By listening to our fear, doubt, despair, and anger we can meet these challenges by sharing. We build a safe container that can hold each of us. This safety allows each of us to be vulnerable and be ourselves without any judgement.

This kind of community is missing from our society today. And council remind us by giving us the tools to recreate a trusting community.


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