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Weggis, Switzerland

November 10, 2010

Absolutely stunning! A breathtaking view of of the Alps Mountains in Weggis, Switzerland.

Hello everyone from Weggis, Switzerland!

I am at a community house with a breathtaking view of the Swiss Alps, a lake, and a quaint community of 4000. This community lives on the footsteps of the great Swiss Alps, right where the typical swiss chalets hug the river edge and mountains.

It it incredibly quiet, peaceful and breathtaking. While it is sunny and autumn, snow exists on the tips of all the mountains.

I flew in last week, slept 3 hours, took a train from Zurich to Luccern, a boat, and, then finally, a taxi before arriving at the community house.

After a long walk, good lunch and a nap I met with the European Council group. This group is comprised of representatives from Denmark, England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Israel and many other countries. The teachers are from the Ojai Foundation. Gigi and Marlow, the elders of the council community, dedicate their life to share council, connect with nature and go on vision quests. They support, help and build the European Council community here and all over the world.

So you might, ask, “Why am I here?”

While meditating, I realized that I am here to connect to the black panther that I have dreamt of most recently. I will connect to the nature and, most importantly, to the wisdom that is deep inside of me. I will share, learn, teach and be part of a group who connects with their heart, vision, community and healing.

I am so grateful to have found this practice an to meet likeminded people who are searching for better communication and knowledge of who they are. We will connect to our essence, find the truth to simplicity and to the deep knowing that is in us all.

Great treasures! To our stories!


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