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Melting the Heart With Kindness

October 15, 2010

What do we want in life?
To be loved
To be seen
To be listened to.
A hug, a smile, an open heart?
Don’t try to understand me- just love me.

The law of attraction states
Like attracts like
Kindness to others attract kindness to myself
We are all mirrors for one another.

I have a story…

When I lived in Beverly Hills with my family, I was very involved with the community. There was one woman, who was described as a witch, a gossip; someone who had never had anything good to say. She seemed to be bitter and unhappy. Whenever I would see her on the street I tried avoiding her by crossing the street; to avoid any encounter with her negative energy. One day I decided to walk directly to her, then give her a hug and ask how she and her family were.

There is a saying “kill her with kindness,” I did just that. She was surprised, as she did not expect any of this. I felt how my kindness had softened her and melted the hard expression on her face. She smiled! It had surprised me as I’ve never seen her smile before.

This is a story I like to share. Since that time, instead of saying killing with kindness, I say melting the heart with kindness– my heart, as well as my opponent’s. It helps when in fear or conflict, to face it with- courage, with an open heart. Be in the presence of victory, do not be a victim.

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