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Listening to the Voice of the Relationship

September 30, 2010

In every relationship there are individual voices of the partners in the union and the voice of the relationship; the voice which is a third presence; a third consciousness. It is an invisible entity that exists in the relationship beyond the limitation of our individual personalities; beyond our ego needs and self-indulgence. It is; the voice of the relationship.

The voice of the relationship represents the common reason for which the individuals have come together.It represents the reason why they are in the union.

The voice of the relationship helps guide us and serves as a witness, like an elder who sheds light from a higher authority,it brings a wiser,more authentic and objective perspective to the union.

According to Zimmerman and McCandless the entity seems to have a life of its own, helping partners to become increasingly aware of their infinite capacity to love beyond ordinary secular connectedness. It helps heal the relationship by speaking of the needs of the relationship,what will serve the union and how the union will better serve the relationship.

The voice of the relationship–helps in many ways as in a conflict,when we can not find a middle ground . It is  instrumental   when the relationship becomes stale  or combative  and needs a boost. It serves us when we are in our egos, consumed by fears and we need to connect deeper into our soul for guidance.

When we are able to listen to the voice of the relationship,we step aside of ourselves ,become consciously present, and able to connect to our highest potential. It is in these moments that we feel oneness with  the great mystery which we are part of.

Listening to the voice of the relationship opens a couple to the mystery of wholeness and divine bonding. It empowers both the union and the individual partners in the relationship.

-Moti & Ronit

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