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Greetings Everyone!

September 27, 2010

I was told a story a while ago about a princess who was punished for her parents’ sins and was then doomed to wed a dragon. She ran to the forest crying, met a fairy who told her that on her wedding day she must wear 10 layers of dresses one over the other.

When she meets with the dragon she has to ask him to remove a layer of his shield with every layer she removes. The dragon does just that, removes his layers, heavy shields, one-by-one till the last layer which he goes through great pain, blood, sweat and tears to remove, remerging into the prince he was meant to be—the prince she had been dreaming of.

This fairytale story reminds me of Moti and myself. I was raised by a Polish mother who created a life of luxury for her family. I was chosen to be a beauty queen and traveled the world representing my country at the age of 18. I mingled with diplomats, politicians, and the Hollywood crowd. I married a physician, lived a life of fame and fortune in Beverly Hills. I learned to be sophisticated, well-rounded wife, mother and society woman.

I met Moti after my husband had passed away.

Moti has been a simple man who came from holocaust-surviving parents. He grew up on a farm and had a very simple life.

Yet Moti had great dreams.

One of them was a dream about him being a prince, another was to become a Dr. of Psychology, and the other to marry the most beautiful girl in the country; a real princess. The story of how we met is told on Oprah. It has great mystery—a soulmate destined encounter.

When we met, I felt that Moti had many layers to remove. What I discovered was that my heart was closed for many years and had lots of layers covering it.

Through love, compassion, and holding, it allowed me to feel safe in his arms.

By his tender loving care, sense of humor, ability to listen, being there fully, and listening compassionately without judgment, he helped me reconnect to my heart. The unvailing process is always ongoing, however a very rewarding one.

I have been walking dead for many years; to allow my heart to feel again is an incredible gift.

Moti and I have been practicing our Ego2Heart practice since we met. We have been trained to share our stories, our practice and our tools with other couples across the world.

We teach what we need to learn, we remind people of their hearts and how to reconnect and start to be alive again. It is a humbling experience and we are grateful to be in service. Bringing hope, passion, love, romance, kindness, and heartfelt communication transforms relationships.

-Ronit & Moti

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