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Flesh and Spirit: The Mystery of Intimate Relationship

September 22, 2010

Yesterday, September 21st was Jack Zimmerman’s 80th birthday!

Jack has been our teacher, mentor and elder friend.

Jack and his wife Jaquelyn McCandless have created the practice of Flesh & Spirit over 30 years ago and have shared it with couples across the land.

Flesh and Spirit: The Mystery of Intimate Relationship

By Jack Zimmerman & Jaquelyn McCandless

Can be found on

We have been inspired by them to incorporate, bring harmony, and be mindful of the great mystery – Flesh and Spirit in our love making as well as in everything we do in our daily life.

They took Moti and I on a great adventure full of shadows & light, full of mystery, intimacy, radical honesty, heartfelt communication, and passion! Living a life of service.

This practice has transformed our lives.

We feel honored to share their teachings in our “Ego 2 Heart” Workshops. We are honored to walk this path with them by our side.

Honored to serve many others.

Moti and I want to celebrate with Jack his special birthday with the announcement of our blog. This is the next stage is our journey. We look forward to sharing with you our personal anecdotes, stories, thoughts and teachings. Here you will also find up to date information about events, news and our workshops.

We love you Jack!

Wishing you much joy, health, and an abundance of life’s blessings!

May you enjoy the fruits of your labor, as they are spreading across the universe, healing, empowering and transforming,

Bringing hope for couples and individuals, bringing Peace!


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